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Our Vission

To provide the most thoughtful, excellent and quality patient care.

Our Mission

To reflect on our care delivery and patients’ well being in order to provide exceptional and quality care.

Our Values

Value people, embrace integrity, respect privacy, practice honesty, & achieve excellence.

Our Goal

To provide superior services and uphold an outstanding commitment to quality, reflective care, and employee empowerment.

The Reflective Patient Care Model

RHS quality of services will mainly be driven and delivered through our model of care delivery, The Reflective Care Model. This model of care engages the caregiver to think about the patient and the type of care that is being delivered and also to reflect on the individual caregiver to ensure that the case assigned is a good fit and the environment is conducive in the provision of care. This is a continuous process of evaluation during care delivery and after. As a result, any issues raised can be addressed sooner rather than later and ensures excellent continuity of quality care. Embracing this model helps in early recognition and addresses compassion and caregiver fatigue hence preventing burn out of our esteemed care givers. The model favors both the caregiver and the patient ensuring a healthy environment that fosters growth and well being.

   Patient centeredness through reflection:

Helping patients reflect on their lives, memories, achievements, impact on society is vital in health promotion. By reflecting on such, our patients realize that they are still valuable members of society and incorporating patients preferred  ideas and memories will eventually boost their well being which will positively impact their health. This will be bundled with evidence based care practice to provide our patients with quality and meaningful care.

As an employee of Reflective Healthcare Services, your contribution to our clients is invaluable. We therefore do not hold back when it comes to empowering and equipping you with the tools and resources you need to provide outstanding care. We conduct education throughout the year online and face-to-face to ensure that you are prepared at every encounter with our clients. We integrate evidence based care practices for our diverse and specialized patient groups to make well-founded decisions that lead to better outcomes for our clients. While working for RHS, you will also receive training and evaluations on the Reflective Patient Care Model conducted between you and our clients to analyze both your needs and those of our clients ensuring a good fit and lasting relationships.


*Self pay/private pay


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