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What we do.



*Self pay


*Long-term Insurance

Alexandria, Virginia

Provide our senior citizens with companionship and help with personal care and household tasks.

Assistance with patients who just had surgery and need temporary help adjusting/to resume normality.

Support families that are taking care of their loved ones and need temporary relief(respite care).

Emergency care/back up care: This service is offered to families who may need temporary help with their loved ones while they deal or take care of the situation.

Provide maintenance care to patients with chronic illnesses for quality outcomes.

Service clients with IV infusion needs, like IV antibiotics, in the comfort of their homes.

Provide other nursing services, e.g. wound care and ostomy care.

Let's help plan your care:

Call/email about what service you need, how much you can afford per week/month, and your form of payment.


*Self pay/private pay


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